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In April 2016, the City of Aalsmeer, NorthC Datacenters, ESA Aalsmeer (which operates the De Waterlelie swimming pool and sports center), and the JongLeren and Solidoe nonprofits signed a partnership agreement to formalize their long-term alliance. The success of any project depends entirely on a detailed project plan. With Nederland ICT acting as a broker, the consortium received financial support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to conduct an impact and feasibility study. Key components include the business base and a detailed risk analysis. The central question, of course, is: how much does it cost and how will it benefit us? In the fall of 2016, Fertiplant, a local trading company specializing in potted plants, joined the project – another partner dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future. The construction of the Triade child center also began this year. With an eye on the future, they incorporated a connection of the innovative hot-and-cold transfer into the construction process.

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