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Successful Integration

of Sustainability and Technology

The actual transfer will get underway at the beginning of September. We use smart methods to transfer and consume each other’s hot and cold air. NorthC Datacenters (merging of NLDC and The Datacenter Group) supplies its project partners with hot air. The waste heat generated by the Aalsmeer data center is transported using a ring: a mechanism where circulation pumps transport the water. Any of the branches can further raise the water level to reach the right temperature. The chilled water is then returned to NorthC, where it is used to cool the data rooms.

From Plan to Implementation

The City of Aalsmeer is the driving force behind the project: looking for local business partners, they soon managed to get Triade and De Waterlelie on board. NorthC also joined the team, bringing to the table technical knowledge and experience with using waste heat. The partners’ sustainability philosophy turned out to be a realistic fiction. Fertiplant, which is conveniently located in relation to the other partners, soon decided to also join the team. With their shared sustainability target, the partners were able to overcome all kinds of barriers and challenges. Once the heat-and-cold transfer system is operational, other organizations will be able to participate as well, since it is possible to add extra connections with sustainable results, as the carbon reduction is equal to the carbon emissions generated by around 74 homes.

All on the Same Page

Within the shared sustainability target, each partner has its own reasons and interests for participating in this project. We invite you to watch the video interviews to learn more about what drives the various partners

Watch the video interviews to learn more