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From Different Interests

to Shared Goals

While getting a sports center, a child center, a data center and a potted plant export business around the negotiation table might seem like an unusual sort of challenge, these local partners did manage to define a shared sustainability goal. The City of Aalsmeer, Fertiplant, NorthC, Triade and De Waterlelie tell us all about it.


Child center Triade

Integraal Kind Centrum IKC Triade, a local child center, is a partnership between nonprofits Solidoe Kinderopvang and Stichting JongLeren, providing care and education under one roof to children aged 0-13. The foundation and the day care center share the same educational philosophy, allowing children to transfer from child care to elementary education as smoothly as possible. The center embraces progressive educational methods and theories and has built partnerships with various other institutions. IKC Triade’s energy-efficient building and outdoor playground are designed with a strong focus on discovery, physical exercise, and other types of outdoor activity.

Stichting JongLeren

JongLeren is a friendly community of parochial elementary schools that prioritize group learning, encouraging students to give each other the room they need and taking on – and overcoming – various challenges. The individual schools each have their own take on this approach, with students, parents, and staff all reaping the benefits. The schools operated by the foundation are located in the towns of Aalsmeer, Haarlemmermeer, Heemstede, Zandvoort, and Bloemendaal.


Sports center De Waterlelie

Exploitatie Sportaccommodaties Aalsmeer (ESA) owns and operates the majority of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities located in Aalsmeer and De Oude Veiling, including the De Waterlelie sports center, which includes indoor and outdoor pools and a gymnasium. ESA’s stated mission is to give all residents of Aalsmeer the opportunity to play sports and engage in exercise using clean and safe facilities.



An export company specializing in young indoor and garden plants, Fertiplant exports its products to around 35 countries in Europe and beyond. It transports these products by road, air and sea, and its 45 employees ensure that customers receive fresh new stocks in time. It’s an exciting challenge, every single day.


City of Aalsmeer

The City of Aalsmeer aims to be fossil-independent by 2040. One of the main challenges it faces in achieving this target is eliminating the need for natural gas by Aalsmeer homes and businesses. The City and its partners are therefore looking for new alliances between partners and for smart alternatives to natural gas, such as using waste heat and waste cold (i.e., energy transfer). The City has an important role to play in this initiative, especially at the start of a new project. They can bring people together and discuss with them the fundamentals of an energy plan. There’s no more perfect example of their success in this approach than the Hornmeer energy transfer project!


NorthC Datacenters

NorthC is a merger of the organizations The Datacenter Group and NLDC. With ten data centers NorthC is the largest regional data center business in the Netherlands that serves both large organizations and government institutions as well as cloud and IT providers and small businesses. NorthC differentiates itself by their strong local presence in different regions, qualitative high-end services, and custom solutions when it comes to connectivity and hybrid cloud solutions, among other things. Thanks to close collaborations with regional IT partners, NorthC can offer complete solutions that help customers with their digital transformation. Together the ten locations have a surface area of 60,000 m2 and an electrical capacity of 35 megawatts. At NorthC, we believe that sustainability and digitalization can strengthen each other. Naturally, all of our data centers are already using 100% green power. But we do more than that. Because included in our civic and social responsibility is also the expectation of us to do something for society. We take this seriously. For example, we commit to heat extraction.



Infinitus Energy Solutions develops smart energy solutions for its clients, which may involve energy-efficiency, sustainable energy, or combinations of these two solutions. The work focuses on the technology, the financial business case, and project organization.

Take the heat-cold transfer grid in the Aalsmeer Energy Hub, for example: this is one project of which we’re especially proud: from initial exploration up to and including completion of the project, we both shared much of the technical knowledge and managed the process with the many stakeholders involved. This flagship project showed that both are equally important: “No substance without a process and no process with substance,” we like to say. On this project, we worked closely with Wybe Theijse of Odi Procesmanagement. As a team, we facilitated cooperation between the partners from the Letter of Intent to the partnership agreement, and, eventually, implementation. We always work on the basis of proven technologies, a viable business case, and clear and transparent terms. We would like to congratulate NorthC, ESA, JongLeren, Solidoe, Fertiplant and the City of Aalsmeer on their excellent and sustainable (!) outcome and to thank them for being such solid and reliable partners.

Infinitus serves a clientele of professional businesses, including grid managers, energy companies, local authorities, regional partnerships, housing corporations, and other profit and non-profit organizations.