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In late February 2019, the Welvreugd/Hamer joint venture was contracted to install the pipes and pumps for the hot-and-cold transfer system. This was followed by the inevitable slew of permit applications, until the excavation work and directional drillings could finally get underway in May 2019. We had to work around two privately owned plots of land housing local businesses: Burgers Carrosserie (auto body repair shop) and Bakkerij van Muyden (bakery). The long-term lease for this land was issued in early May. At this point, the installations at the site of the partners involved in the hot-and-cold transfer project were being prepped for operation, the final step being a test that involved circulating the initial water produced through the system. Actual installation and commissioning at the De Waterlelie swimming pool and sports center and Triade school/day care center were scheduled for September, followed by the work performed at Fertiplant in October/November.

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